Sheila’s Bio

Sheila Lawrence moved from Honolulu to Sonoma County in 1994 with her husband and two daughters.  After arriving she continued her career in the hospitality industry as the Front Office Manager for upscale Auberge du Soleil Inn in Napa until the pull to go into business for herself lead her to open The Pottery Studio in downtown Santa Rosa.

This first business of hers was popular and got off to a good start as the first paint-your-own ceramics studio in Sonoma County. Sheila enjoyed being a part of the community and managed it herself with the help of some great part-time high school and college kids, as well as her daughters, until 2000 when she again decided to switch careers and sold the business.

After the sale, she took three months off to relax and contemplate which direction would offer the best match for her skills and interests. Finally, she settled on Real Estate and began her studies to enter that field. At the end of 2000, she joined the Sebastopol Coldwell Banker office and has been there ever since.

Real Estate suits her very well.  In it she found the freedom she was seeking. She has always had a natural talent for marketing and promotion, both important in real estate. And to her surprise she loved contracts–those dry, legally worded documents somehow fascinated her.

Negotiation is another interest and she has developed a reputation for being a strong advocate for her clients without damaging the relationships with other agents and their clients. She is always professional, gracious, but firm in her loyalty to her clients.

In Sheila Lawrence you will find a warm humor, intelligent professional, and a very hard worker who is always looking for ways to improvise and improve her skills to make your purchase or sale stand out as one of the easiest and most successful transactions you’ve ever had.


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